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Abeille approached me to create their logo and packaging design for the AW18 launch of their products and web store.

Abeille is an all natural skin care company that boasts high quality products made with ingredients from the beehive. Using propolis, honey and beeswax, Abeille is able to produce products that not only make you look and feel younger, but are helping support the threatened honeybee species.

I started the branding with the base logo mark. It was important that we created a strong wordmark that was strong enough to stand up against the sea of other skincare brands yet femine and understated enough to exist on it’s own. The goal here was to create a brand that people wanted to keep out on display, not hide away in their bathroom cabniet.

We chose DIN 1451 (Deutsches Institut für Normung) as it has proven itself to be a strong typeface at all sizes, is strong enough to make itself know amongst a lineup of the best typefaces and has femine qualities (the way the “L” subtly slops to the left at the bottom) to it that give it that softness we were looking for. 

To bring in a human element, I chose to use expressive painted flowers. These elements serve as artistic elements that walk customers through the band. I chose flowers for two reasons. The first and most obvious being the dependency bees have on flowers in order to create the properties Abeille uses in their products. The second reason is that flowers have been used historically in art as a endless source of inspiration and subject matter. Fine art is a large inspiration for Abeille and is meant to be used as subtle accents to elevate the brand.

Packaging Design.           

We wanted to keep the packaging as clean and high end as possible while conveying the all-natural aspect of the brand. We did this by keeping a duotone color palette that mimics the colors found in the hive. The cream color reflects natural beeswax and comb while the reddish orange reflects propolis and pollen. We compartamentalized the information into a grid system that feels balanced and logical. Lastly, we ran the logo so large that it skirts the line of brand mark and graphic element.


The photography for Abeille is soft and sublte, almost dreamlike. This creates a feeling of timelessness and beauty that we want to be reflected in the products. A skincare routine is meditative and we wanted the imagery to reflect that.
Poster Design.           

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