Desert & Denim          
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography
Desert & Denim approached me to rebrand the event for the 2018 year. This year they have expanded from men's fashion into fine art, lifestyle and home goods. The event brings artists, entrepreneurs and brand gurus from all over the world together in one insanely hot place, the Mojave Desert. This project will be ongoing with until the event happens in June of 2018. Keep up to date with the progress.

I started the branding with the base logo mark. I wanted it to reflect their beliefs in quality-made-goods and back-to-Americana aesthetic. The resulting mark feels like an American classic. The clean typeface, Korinna as the headline type and DIN & Maison Neue as the refreshingly modern secondary types give a nod at the past while keeping the overall aesthetic contemporary. The color palette came directly from the natural landscape of the Mojave Desert.

This year, there will be numerous aspects of the event that can be visited. We are approaching the setup of the space as a small community or town complete with a Community Center, Swim Club, Food Court, Wellness Center, Amplitheater, Art Gallery and even a divey Cocktail Lounge. Each one of these elements requires it’s own identity and vision yet needs to to fall under the larger brand of Desert & Denim.

Business Cards letterpressed by The Aesthetic Union          

I chose to work with The Aesthetic Union because of their acute attention to detail. All of their work is produced by machines that come from the golden age of printing. Each run is hand-inked to achieve the desired shade. This gives each card a unique level of craft that cannot be replicated by modern day digital presses.

Poster Designs.           

The posters I designed for this year’s event are going to be printed on newsprint and pasted up all over every major city in California promoting the event.
Vendor, Buyer, Press and Staff Badges.           

These badges help everyone at Desert & Denim know and understand who they are talking to. Utilizing a clean aesthetic with DIN as the main typeface.

Desert & Denim Newspaper: Desert Sun Times.           
Instead of using a standard phamplet to showcase our vendors and talk about the ins and outs of the event, we decided to create our very own newspaper that will be handed out to everyone upon entry. The paper features outlandish and over-the-top stories based loosely on last years happenings in order to create a bit of humor. It’s never a good thing to take yourself too seriously! Inside the paper, will feature tidbits on our vendors and sponsors as well as a map and schedule of events.

Website design for the 2018 year.           

For the website, I took items that were either made by current or past vendors and others that embodied the spirit of Desert & Denim and photographed them in the studio as a unifying visual element. These images provide a base guide to walk you through the site. For the color palette, we held to the washed-out palette of the high Mojave Desert. This faded palette works in unison with the direct sunlit lighting to further forge the relationship to the Mojave’s natural landscape.

Poster design for the Joshua Tree Swim Club          

T-shirt for the Joshua Tree Swim Club          

Poster design for the Angry Cholla Cocktail Lounge          

Information card for the Engram Connor Community Center         

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