Donna Jean          

Art Direction, Graphic Design

Donna Jean is a plant-based fine dining restaurant in San Diego, California. The head chef and co-owner, Roy Elam, marries the cusine of his St. Louis roots with Southern California health conscious ingredients and culinary techniques. The result is a highly satisfying, comfort style meal you don’t have to feel guilty about.

The name Donna Jean is in homage to Roy’s mother who tragically passed away from cancer. Since then, Roy has been committed to serving plant-based dishes to San Diego.

The circular logo lockup features a cast iron, a favorite staple in the Elam kitchen growing up. The favorite menu item is a mac & cheese served piping hot in a mini cast iron. The supporting mark depicts a cardnial (state bird of Missouri) and a California bear in harmony suggesting the marriage of the two culinary styles. For the buildout we worked with a local printer on the menu and a local sign painter for the gold foil graphics on the windows.

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