Juniper Ridge          

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography

I was brought on to head the rebrand of Juniper Ridge. We wanted to create a look that stood out on the shelf and grabbed the customers attention. In a market full of similar brands all competing for the customer’s attention, we found the voice in fine art and a more mellow, quiet approach that reflects the company’s nature derived home & personal products. The result is a design that is relevant now and will still be relevant in twenty years. As of now, we have completed three products lines, Body Wash, Campfire Incense and Wildcrafted Tea. Over the next 6 months, we will be developing out new packging reflecting this model for the remaining lines.

I brought on Obi Kaufmann, watercolor genius and western wilderness nature freak, to create original pieces of work for each fragrance in the Juniper Ridge family. The direction was to abstract the feeling or emotion he felt while remembering a time/place/plant that is associated with each fragrance. Think of it as more of a hazy memory than a direct representation. Certain elements of the paintings are clear and others wash and fade into each other. This was the basis for the redesign.


California Juniper
Douglas Fir
Desert Pinon
White Sage
Coastal Pine
Redwood Mist
Cascade Forest
Desert Cedar

Body Wash Bottles           

Campfire Incense sleeves          

Wildharvested Tea cartons          

Web Designs           

The website posed a major challenge. How do you sell fragrance products on a platform that doesn’t allow the sense of smell? Juniper Ridge has a rich story that I tapped into for the answer. 

I created a site that uses imagery and lifestyle to craft a collage of photographs all contributing different aspects to the scent story. This is most apparent on the shopping pages where you see the main hero image flanked by two photos. One is an image of the place to give customers a sense of where this product came from. The other is a studio image of the main plant in the fragrance to make the connect between bottle and nature.

On the Home page, I used a series of proccess, landscape and lifestyle images to visually represent the sense of smell. For example, light streaming through a jar of fragrance minutes after the rain stopped.

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