Midnight Garden          

Photography, Art Direction, Graphic Design

I had the privledge to work with Midnight Garden to produce content for their upcoming album Blue Tomorrows, mastered by Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3. The idea behind the shoot was to convey the sadness that sets in while reflecting on better days. I did this by staging a still life with real momentos from the past.

Midnight Garden has an otherworldly sound that often times draws on the darker side of society. Much of the imagry the duo conjures up flirts with the line of reality and makes you start to question the ground you stand on. All of this is accented with beautifully 80’s tinged synthesizer melodies, driving guitar parts and almost hip-hop style drum beats.

It was important for us to keep the overall aesthetic feeling appropriate to the music. I was inspired by the 80’s horror/sci-fi films that turn reality on it’s head. The deep blues and bright reds (in the typography) came directly from the synthesizer tones. I wrapped it all together with imagry that felt hazy, sad and unclear.

Copyright Jordan Vouga 2018