Plant Power          

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography

Plant Power is truly the future of fast food. An all plant-based eatery with the classic golden age of fast food model, Plant Power serves up some of the best burgers, fries and shakes on the west coast. I was tasked with creating packaging for their new location in Encinitas, California that harkened back to the boom of fast food, the 70’s.

I spent the research phase scouring the internet for inspiration on why fast food design in the 70’s was so appealing. I discovered two main takeaways; strong colors and comforting type. This was the base model I kept coming back to throughout the process.

I used the spacial 70’s design trend of supergraphics as a way of showing off the color palette. This gave it that strength we were looking for. The palette itself contains mostly warm tones to instill hunger and satisfaction while having a standout secondary color of green to allude to the health aspect of a plant based meal.

The full packaging scope was burger wraps, Big Zac (their version of the Big Mac) carton, fry bag and drink cup.

After we received the final product I flew down to San Diego to do a full photo shoot with the packaging. The results are as follows.

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