Wildflower Tour          

8mm Film, Creative Direction

Wilderness fragrance company, Juniper Ridge did a tour up and down the coast of California in the spring of 2016 documenting the wildflower bloom after the El Nino winter. I was tasked with creating two videos for the trip. I landed on 8mm film as the perfect medium. The final solutions are two short films that feel very much like lost footage from the late sixties.

The first film depicts a group of wildflower crazies and overall nature freaks trekking into the depths of Saline Valley, California. Burdened with car problems, the band of outsiders pushes onwards in search of the delicate and elusive Desert Bloom.

The second film follows the freaks up the coast of California from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Dazed from a week in the harsh Saline Valley environment, the team chases sunsets along the salt-beaten Hwy 1.

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